A Review of a Site That Has a Lot of Fallen Angel Scans

The Fallen Angel Scans project continues to grow in popularity. Last updated a few months ago, the project now has twenty-six thousand listings and growing. Many of those who have fallen in love with the manga are simply amazed at how far the project has come so quickly. The original Japanese release was only released in Japanese on the year ago. It’s taken some time but fans are finally able to enjoy the latest volume.

fallen angel scans

I am personally very partial to the creepybaby series. I admit I was pleasantly surprised by the story line, art style, and story. I love it when an author does a crossover between animes that are known in the west and ones that are based in Japan. The anime fans and manga readers are so different, I always love to see such a mash up of two different cultures.

In the case of fallen angel scanners I can’t say I’m disappointed. I really like the character Yamada. I have always liked her despite her tragic past. I think she is a great example of a protagonist who is trying to do the right thing despite being morally bankrupt.

I can’t say I was completely caught up with the manga, but I will say I enjoyed reading part of it. I especially enjoyed the bonus chapters. I particularly enjoyed the one where Yamada was introduced. There were a few times I wanted to jump right into the main storyline but this route was brief and gave way to other stories. The author did a great job keeping the reader interested by making sure they had at least the main part of the story to keep going.

The Missing Chairs on the other hand, didn’t grab me quite as much as the previous manga. It wasn’t because I don’t like it, but because it wasn’t what I was looking for. I read the manga a couple of years ago and found it had a lot of inconsistencies. For one they made the entire chapter about the whole incident seem very brief. For another the main characters were so underdeveloped that I felt I got to know them too well to care about them.

What I really liked about Angel Scanlations was the way the story was told. Unlike most stories you usually find in the manga, there’s actually quite a bit of development occurring between episodes. It’s also not rushed or confused. Instead, everything flows steadily and clearly, with little conflicts or inconsistencies to throw you out of the story with a few well placed words.

All in all I enjoyed reading the latest chapters. They’ve drawn from real life events and given a totally original spin on the anime concept. For a manga that’s only eleven volumes long, the art and story are definitely worth the price. For anyone who’s interested in manga, but doesn’t like the often tedious style of storytelling you find in most anime, this is definitely one for you.

If you’ve only seen the first few pages or don’t feel like reading through the whole series, you can always go back and find the old versions. There are a few sites that have them, and I highly recommend them. The author hasn’t changed a thing since the original version of this site. That’s why I prefer this over all the other manga I’ve seen. The graphics are superb, the story is gripping, and the read-ability is brilliant.

If I only had one site to choose from when browsing for a manga I would choose Mangadex. I don’t think that this is a commonly known site, but it’s definitely one worth your time. It has the latest manga releases, which is constantly updated. Plus they have a great gallery of the storyboard art for all the chapters and volumes as well as a link to buy the latest volumes.

If I wanted to know what I’d gotten in my mail this week, I’d definitely check out this site. It’s got a nice selection of creepybaby reply, Anodea de la Resistenza, and the other Anodea de la Resistenza scans I mentioned above. I think this will be a good site for anyone who likes anime, manga, and basically anything interesting on the web.

I’m going to wrap things up with my final review, since I’ve run out of time. I’ll be reviewing the final volume of Steins; Gate. If you’ve read the other reviews here, you should already be familiar with what this series is about. If you haven’t, I highly recommend reading them, they make a lot of fun and interesting things happen in this Steins; Gate manga.